A WiFi camera that makes home and office security a bargain


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/03/02/a-wifi-camera-that-makes-home.html


Any word on how it prevents the teenage boys next door from activating and enjoying your camera? Because that might not be a bargain at all.


Yeah, a site that posts stories like this…

…should have enough reader-awareness to put information to alleviate security concerns directly into the ad-copy.


So, great, you’re hawking another IoT device that has practically no security protocols.

Way to sell stuff that is easily hackable.


Well that assumes the staff read the ad copy, which is unlikely since they don’t even read each others’ posts. More likely the auto-store posted what it thought we would like. It’s a gadget, isn’t it?

E-store? I-store? Oh I know: cyber-store!





That chart really does need a “cyber” row, doesn’t it?


That is the best bargain of all! Who needs netflix when you have that new reality tv show next door?


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