Protect your home with these 20 home security deals on sale for an extra 20% off

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And how many of those home security cameras

  • require the use of some manufacturer’s server in order to store or access recorded footage?
  • have passwords, security set-ups, access your wi-fi, etc, with characteristics that render them far from ‘secure’?

What a shame Cory Doctorow is no longer here to comment on all this IoS crapgadgetry. I wonder why that is?


It’s a veritable scroll-fest everytime I see the words “with these” in a BB headline.


Yes, ‘with these’ are truly ‘broken words’! :wink:

Also they are an anagram of ‘we, the shit’

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Very funny! Now do:

  • Amazing items
  • On sale right now
  • Get this bundle

and we can break this BB conspiracy wide open


He’s still fighting the good fight over on his site of course. The latest piece being about the oh so 2020 IoT gadgetry of ‘cock-cages’.

Oh, I go there often, and have recommended his new home to others here, more than once. I was just pointing to the contrast between ‘then and now’.

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