Internet of Things security camera sends customers' video feed to someone else

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So over the course of six years, they have successfully failed to address this stupid bug in any way whatsoever. A very good job there, guys! President Trump wants to hire you!


Thousands of dollars? To get out of a contract? What sort of contract is this, for what sort of shitty IoS devices that could be bought online for probably cents on the dollar? Still, a breach of contract suit might be in order, except I guess there’s a ‘no liability’ clause. In Europe, GDPR might lead to more rigorous penalties. (?)


The spokesperson said the technician felt “terrible” about the incident.

Well that’s the important thing, right?

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This feels like a good time to remind ourselves that if you can’t review the code that drives any app, you technically have no idea what said black box is doing. You might think you know what it’s doing based on the interface, but that “knowledge” may be entirely superficial. Have a nice day.

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