Ace Marks is making high-end dress shoes affordable

And shoes made from leather, glue and sewing thread can last for decades, unlike even expensive shoes made with modern materials. Polyurethane and polyurethane foam is used in many shoe soles today but breaks down from water vapor and can crumble even if the shoes are never used, as collectors of ridiculously overpriced “collectable” sneakers have found. (Results vary based on the specific kind of PU, humidity and heat, etc.)


This creates the conundrum. I don’t wear my nice, PU soled shoes often because the molded soles can’t be replaced and I don’t want to wear them out. But they are chemically degrading whether I wear them or not, so I should wear them before they just disintegrate on their own. A good pair of all leather shoes may cost more but they can actually be a better investment than cheaper shoes.

Long lasting or not, eff pointy Italian shoes with their narrow, thin, symmetrical toe boxes. That’s not how feet are shaped. My big toes are big toes and I’m not interested in pinching them for fashion.


Well presumably they need formal shoes (‘dress uniform’) as well as practical flats. I’m sure I’ve seen uniformed ladies over here (UK) in what look like workaday Oxfords / brogues.

ETA quick search (ladies oxford shoes) gave me this as the first result in UK. Pricey, but looks possibly like it might be what you were bemoaning the lack of, albeit in the UK.

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Women’s bodies are different from men’s bodies all over.
Sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes it’s subtle.

(This is, for example, a point in the ergonomics of safety equipment, or power tools. If I see anything that just was made a little smaller I’ll usually get angry. If that thingy was also painted pink I will get mad.)

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Are they black and white spectators? No? Then I’ve lost interest.


Also known as the Sam Vimes "Boots Theory of socio-economic unfairness."


Those are beautiful and yes, exactly what I want. But unfortunately my budget won’t accommodate that until my lottery tickets are somewhat more co-operative with my goals.

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