Acer launches Lego-like stackable computer

I agree, plugging components into your motherboard is already lego-like easy. For me, the hardest part is wiring up the tiny non-standard case wires.

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Yeah if I get something small/compact like that I am thinking about a specific use that I don’t have to worry about upgrading on and 99% of any upgrade worth for something like that will be RAM/disk which like a laptop would mostly be a pain for getting to the component cause of stuffing everything into the small form so you may as well just buy up a bit and never bother till it is well and truly dead.

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Well, for you, yes, and I’m pretty comfortable sticking things into slots myself, but I think there’s people who would like to add on to a computer at a later date who aren’t all that confident about doing it.

Also, beyond physically putting it together this gives you something that is tested to work with your existing system.

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Less than 15 minutes of google searches would be plenty of time to learn how to remove the case off of your specific pc and replace most parts within. Have you actually seen it done? I bet it would surprise you.

I also have to wonder how big the market is for people that know the limitations and components of a PC, know what they will want to add and upgrade, do not want to pay someone else to do it for them, but yet will not take 15 minutes to learn it for themselves even though they have all of this other knowledge of what is going on in there. I believe you when you say you are one of those people, but I doubt folks like you are numerous. I would assume the general public still wants a box that just works and they don’t care to learn about components, and the techies are going to say these modulars are resolving problems they don’t have, and really… most people are just going to buy a tablet anyway.

Don’t mean to gang up. Just from my experience and knowledge, even building a pc from parts is so easy that it is unfortunate to hear people say they don’t want to even add their own RAM. Fortunately there are plenty of options for everyone on the market, and maybe even modulars will eventually find a place after years of trying.

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I guarantee you that members of my immediate family who can barely use their computers on good days are not going to be taking it apart. If they did, I’d be getting a phone call later to help them put it back together.

Oh hell when it comes to some case designs even I will go NOPE not worth the pain. Lets just go get a new one.

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Im sure of that! I feel fortunate that I have the aptitude for it because I know a lot of people are terrified of it. Buy your children Lego!

But would those same people then be inclined to buy a modular system that still requires a bit of technical understanding before you can even take it to the register (“well when you need more drive space you can buy this piece, and when you need ram you buy this module, and when your processor cant keep up you buy this base system upgrade, and when the new monitors come out you can upgrade your graphics card with this box etc etc”) or are they likely going to be more interested in a complete package with one low price (knowing you are available to plug in an external drive when the time comes), or maybe they actually want a laptop or a tablet even?

I think my bigger point is I just dont see the market.

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