Activists investigating Ivanka Trump shoe factory in China arrested, then 'disappeared'


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•)>⌐■-■ It’s obvious that they
(⌐■_■) stepped on the wrong toes.


Is it just me, or has china been disappearing more activists lately?


Amazing what influence American corporations have in China, isn’t it?

Oh, wait – you mean they don’t all get that kind of support?



…Yes, Boing-Boing automated Grammar Nazi, that was a complete sentence.


It’s somehow Hillary’s fault…


Don’t you just love it when adjectives are forced into becoming verbs?


It was nouned in the 70s.


Also, Bernie’s. And also anyone who voted for Bernie in a primary.


My ire knows no temporal bounds.




Transitive use of “disappear” goes back to Catch-22, IIRC. Doctors in the field hospital “disappear” Dunbar.


Ivanka has a goon squad, you know it’s true.


Disappear was always a verb. It changed from intransitive to transitive. Just like growing the economy.


Nah, it’s just an optical illuuuuuuuusion.

If you look closely, labor activism has been unnecessary all along!


The number of engulaged activists stayed the same but China suddenly shrank.


That’s quite a catch, that catch-22.


About this, a friend of mine recently back from eight years in China wrote:

“Usually China likes when labor or environmental groups are sent by shareholder order by western companies to check on their China operations because if they find problems, China will make publicity out bashing the awful western companies… but they don’t want to bash the Trumps evidently”


How many times do we have to tell you, it is “Criminal Hillary” for crying out loud! :wink:


Said RickMycroft, archly.


Maybem but the link is rather circumstantial:
"…accounting for one-third of her shoes made in China but only a small proportion of its total output."
And not entirely unusual considering all the other exposes. Who else does this firm make shoes for?