Actually improving my security

Continuing the discussion from On Parliament Hill, an attack on Canada itself:

True, but given a choice between registering long guns, and having to take my shoes off at airport inspection lines, registering long guns has a much greater effect on my sense of security without actually improving it. And we haven’t even gotten to the more difficult questions, like what eroding my civil rights, and entitlement to due process under Canadian law does to my sense of security.

The contrast between actual and apparent security reminds me of an “obvious” idea which occurs to me when firearm control is discussed. There is usually lots of debate about registration, background checks, purchase and possession bans, etc. All with the aim of making firearms more difficult for the average person to obtain. But there are still millions of them being manufactured and purchased by somebody! How about banning or limiting the actual manufacture of firearms in the first place? Wouldn’t this be safer than making lots of them and then arguing who gets to use them?

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