Actually, it's about ethics in archiving

Is scraping topics ethical? We ask, you decide!

(For those out of the loop, BBS staff revoked every Regular’s privs to lounge threads. 160+ users have lost access to posts and threads they created and responded to. This, just a week after the St Elsewhere’s Day Massacre that saw @modusoperandi banned, then @othermichael, and then other members of the community including yours truly)


Public facing? Sure. We know anything public facing is probably Googleable.

Restricted viewing? Fuck no. Do you even need to ask why?


Since you became a Reg shortly before the lounge was blocked off, why in the world would you feel the need to archive it? Let it go!


Hnnnnngh… Part of the reason I rushed to archive is that I had been part of the ghosts and one of the coordinated ghost back channels; mayhaps my rush to save posts was colored by the assumption that other ghosts and regs would want to at least preserve their Welcome thread for nostalgia’s sake and keep it as such until we reach a more permanent safe place where we can begin building new threads.

I don’t trust the mass swarm of nonregs. What we had as regulars was a community of people who had put in the effort to be decent (notwithstanding Some_guys). A place where we could share and trust that nobody would go doxxing, brigrading, or blackmailing.

I have been doxxed and brigraded. It’s scary as fuck. Luckily I had no job to lose, no career to be ruined. With a legal name change, I can almost vanish entirely.

I think your intentions are good but I don’t see anyone asking for this. At least I am not. Maybe I am too in the moment but I don’t think I have ever searched for an old post of mine or anyone else.

Yeah. I’ve put it on deep ice. File encrypted, burned to disc, original securely wiped.

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as i said in the other topic, i have no objection to remaining a part of the archive you created.

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