Request list to be deleted from partially, welcome thread, lounge archive

Follow up from the discussion over here:

And further down, and lower:

I can believe/imagine there are more (ex) regulars who are not comfortable with being in a archive in the wild.
Maybe it’s a good idea to make a list of people who want to be deleted from the archive.

Making this a wiki, names can be added.

*lamaranagram (and really I don’t think should be done at all)
*Nonentity (probably nothing of mine there anyone would want, anyways)
*zfirphdn, plus any quotes of my posts


Y’all have 72 hours to request expunging, be it in a public thread or in DM. After that, I will upload the archive and provide links to all who have posts in the final (purged) archive. Those are your posts, your conversations, you be the ultimate arbiter.

Keep in mind that only one thread was scraped and of that, only the one thousand newest posts dating back to three days before the St Elsewhere’s Day Massacre.

To be perfectly clear: if you had access to that thread before the Death of Regularity, you will have access to the archive afterwards. If you did not, you will not.
This has been my consistent goal all along. I’m spelling it in bold because reasons.

I realize not all regulars will have an opportunity to read and respond to this thread within 72 hours. Let me outline the process I will be undertaking:

  1. 72-hours to opt-out in a public thread or by DM
  2. Compiling a list of the members who have remaining posts
  3. Notifying those members by PM and ask for opt-out
  4. Waiting 72 hours for opt-out responses
  5. Remove all posts from posters who have opted out
  6. run steps 3-5 again
  7. Build release candidate
  8. Encrypt it
  9. Upload encrypted file to a secure host
  10. send link to encrypted file to all remaining, non-opted out posters
  11. send encryption key to all remaining, non-opted out posters

** The archive only contains the past 1000 posts in the Welcome thread, spanning a ten-day period **

Can you just replace the names with aliases (like the BB staff did with Cow etc)?

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That’s doable, a lot easier than expunging posts. Could even make up random avatars!


I get that, and it is not much data. I will change the topic title accordingly.
But I still keep my stance, that semi privately written posts should not be exposed to a possible security breach by being in the wild.
And people should have the possibility to opt out.

(The important part of being asked (opt in) we passed already).


I can’t stop anyone from scraping, but I’d much prefer my Lounge posts not be archived by other users. While I for the most part trust your intentions, my willingness to reveal certain limited personal information in the TL3 threads was based on the expectation that it was the security of BBS and Discourse I was relying on. Frankly, my trust in them is not what it was 12 hours ago, but I do not give my consent to place my comments in an archive run by anyone else. To the extent that I continue to participate, I will be much more private on this forum from now on as a result.

That said, I haven’t commented in the latest Lounge iteration since prior to three days, but insofar as it matters, I do not consent.

My sincere thanks for respecting that decision.


I don’t want my lounge comments to be made public. In the zip file period. I trusted they’d stay only within the band of regulars. Really I dont know what I’ve said but , take me out of it please after scraping and before zipping.


Please delete nungesser from the archive.


Please delete akimbo_not from the archive.


This “expunging” should include when we’ve been quoted. So if someone says “I suffered from anorexia as a young adult” anytime that was quoted should be gone too.


I’m fine with that too!


Delete me as well. I DO NOT WANT any content I posted to be available in that archive.


If anyone has made their own personal archive, please delete it. Not just me, the whole archive. You probably shouldn’t make personal archives of conversations where there is any expectation of any level of privacy. (I dunno, maybe that’s naive of me)

BB can keep whatever I posted in the lounge area archived there.


You might not even have any comments by me but please remove any if found, I do not want any of my comments in an online archive.
Frankly, it seems like a bad idea to post it online publicly, maybe just arrange to deliver it to those who want it?


Please delete @LearnedCoward from the archive.


That is the plan: only people who HAD access when the End of Regularity hit, will have access to the archive. I have had no intention of leaking it to world + dog.

That’s the point, I believe you into being it not your intention. But being at any extra computer/server/owner outside of discourse will add to the possibility to it be leaked to the outside world. Even not intentionally.
Please also define #access.


Access as in, the will be provided a zip containing the final, purged archive. Access as in then-Regulars (Ghosts, mainly) and the people whose posts remain will be sent the zip as well. And nobody else.

At least 170 people had access to topic the day Regularity died; do you trust that they were not compromised by or were malicious actors?

I agree with this 100%. Delete whatever you have archived and leave it be.


The “malicious actors” will be fine. I don’t want to think otherwise, and I don’t do now.

About being compromised, now or in the future? No trust at all. There I have a totally different opinion. As I said before, it does not to be intentional.