Adam Savage goes behind the scenes at the Smithsonian's Exhibits Central

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I haven’t finished them all, but I have to pop in and say the interview with Carolyn Thome the modelmaker was very fun to watch. I have so much envy!

Related…this gives me a future art project to consider; a 3D-printed head with the portrait painted over the surface. Not as realism, but in the manner of the artist, namely me.


As a kid, my father worked for museums. And still to this day, I think they have the wrong part of museums open to the public. The interesting parts are the things not seen, the back of house. All of it, the secret passages behind exhibits, the collections, the libraries, the fabrication facilities, and even maintenance.

We are so close to living in Neil Stephenson’s Diamond Age but I hope he may have predicted much of the future wrong. It may not be one singe matter printer with a centralized matter feed network, but rather lots of printers. I hope that the world continues to open when it comes to 3d printing, and not locked down by DRM. I am perfectly willing to go to the local hardware store and order a finely printed part with a warranty and installation instructions or bundled with washers, bolts and gaskets and other necessary hardware, if it is something that I couldn’t print at home. But I am not willing to have my printer tell me the object I want to print is “protected” and refuse to print it.


When I was in school I regularly visited the Dallas Museum of Art, where Claes Oldenburg’s giant Stake Hitch sculpture is embedded in the main public gallery. The folk tale at school was that if you went downstairs to where other exhibits were stored (unavailable to the public), the “point” of the stake was attached to the ceiling as if he really had punched a twenty-foot stake through the floor, and sometimes made it pretty difficult to maneuver other pieces around it.

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I now have a quest.

Click the link, the spike does or did extend below the floor.

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