Smithsonian goes 3D


…they’re encouraging people who work with 3D printers to help them explore new ways of using the data.

Every American can now own an exact copy of Dorothy’s ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz scaled to fit their personal shoe size!


My first thought was, “holy shit, this is awesome.”
My second though was, “that must have been seriously expensive.”

At least they did it with a couple of sponsors, but I wonder how much it cost to develop as compared to how much use it will get.

I wonder if they considered using the ISO standard for Web 3D “X3D” or are even aware of it? They seem to have duplicated some of the effort and have come perilously close to stepping on the tradename.

Is it possible to find out the format without registering? I have had a brief look, but it doesn’t appear to be immediately apparent. I’m more familiar with 3d graphics than printers.

OBJ. which is a pretty good format all things considered.

edit: and some are STL … kind of inconsistent there.

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Lincoln just plain crashes anything I try to load him with and the gun boat is a low res mess.

Not a fan of this project so far.

Obj’ll do nicely. Ta!

This is my leather.

Smith-it, please, thank you.

My leather: smithed.



P.S. To Word.

Time and skin, really…

why don’t they want people who use 3d but don’t intend to print.

Confusion, I expect.

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