Universal, CC-licensed mobile phone charging dock


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Is it compatible with my Motorola DynaTAC? What if it’s covered in cocaine? What if I’m covered in cocaine? OhmyGodwhatifIamcocaine?DoesthatmeanI’vehadtoomuchcocaine?


I can’t wait for the day when “Free, open product! Just need a 3D printer” Isn’t automatically a nonstarter for most. When 3D printers are ubiquitous, man, are things going to change.


I feel 3D printers are going to fall into a distribution pattern very similar to “relatives/friends who can set up a wifi network”, circa 2000. It will be common enough that everyone should be able to find someone to make something on their behalf, but I don’t think it will ever hit the market penetration that we saw with 2D printers (at least in this current incarnation of the technology).

You can always check 3Dhubs.com for people in your neighborhood with a printer (usually their rates are cheaper than going through Shapeways), or your local library or makerspace for some really cheap rates.

But shapeways is good too!


My neighborhood Lowes has a 3D scanner and printer for public use. Not sure what the use and material fees are, but they can’t be much.


Surprised to see you link to Thingiverse so readily, Cory, given how little it usually takes for you to object to something and how terrible MakerBot has become.


It will be the router/bandsaw of the future!


3D printers aren’t that straightforward.


Or pickup truck. I want to keep all my friends, so I don’t borrow one. Renting is prohibitively expensive. Subsequently everything I own besides my house is either delivered or can fit in a Subi wagon.


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