Adam Savage makes a bigger, better duck bomb

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Adam Savage is a national god damned treasure.


I love watching the build process, wish mythbusters could spent more time on the sorting out issues part.

Though I’m not a giant fan of Savage’s “just try it and fix it later,” it was pretty easy to spot they had the measurement of the diameter wrong just by eyeballing how the tape measure was looped around it. His release mechanism was wonderful though.

I probably would have gone for some kind of rope based restraint so a single person could cinch down on it and compress it much more effectively, but I guess 20 minutes of playing with knots isn’t much of a “build.”

I would happily sit and watch him talk about knots for 20 minutes. Dude is just awesome.


My parent’s dog has one of the flamingo ones, and doesn’t know what to do with it. She won’t bite it because it makes noises that sound like it’s getting injured after she bites it, so you can carry it around and she’ll keep her nose on it, just to ensure her friend is ok.

She’s sweet, but not smart.


In Olden Tymes I worked with a sculptor who made all of his own shipping boxes…and, really, anything else he happened to need but couldn’t find easily in a hardware store. He’d eyeball a thing for a little while, fidget about a little bit with paper and pencil, and then after some noise (bandsaw, drills, hammers, glue and such) the thing would be built and was, as a rule, beautiful to look at. People who create like that are absolutely wonderful to watch in action. Ans, you rock!!

Hah. All Japan gets is animatronic dinosaurs.

Apparently Adam hasn’t heard of ratchet straps. Either get one that quick releases it, or cut the thing. A heck of a lot easier than all those screws and hinges…

Not as satisfying to build, though.

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Nor as reusable.

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I guess after several decades (?) the need for safety gloves and suchlike diminishes substantially.

I sure wouldn’t want to go near that sanding wheel with bare fingers. Eek.

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Yeah, I was constantly thinking “But where’s the PPE?!”
He has all his fingers, so he hasn’t had a serious accident, but it seems he takes a lot of unnecessary risks!

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I thought about that but:

a) he was working on plastic which is rather soft and unlikely to fling off body penetrating bits

b) he probably has “Shop Teacher” syndrome except he hasn’t lost the requisite end of a finger yet

That said, he’s acknowledged before when people criticized something he did on camera in one of these videos on his lathe with a piece of metal as not as safe as it should have been.

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