Adam Savage visits Peter Jackson's startling cabinet of movie prop curiosities


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I wish there was more shown, but still cool.


The lens is called an invasive fisheye. Photographers who wished to use the lens has to lock up the mirror before mounting it to their SLR.


I’m jealous and wish I could go there and just spend all day looking at the props.


It’s funny to me that when he talks about collecting things that harken back to his childhood they have a shot of a Vogon from 2005’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. That’s something that’s obviously not from his childhood but I’m glad he’s preserving modern props as well.


I’m currently in the 4th decade of my childhood, it’s weird that girls like Doctor Who now.


Thundrbird 2!!! EEEEEK!!!


Skeletons from Jason and the Argonauts!!! SQUEEE!!


“Harken back” doesn’t have to mean that it came from the earlier era. Just that it reminds you of something from that time.

If he sees a modern prop, and it reminds him of listening to Hitchikers radio shows back in the day, that qualifies IMO


whaaa? Way back in the 80’s when we didn’t have all the fun of the internet I was a card carrying local fan club member and there were more than a few girls there.


Hey, a girl got me hooked on Doctor Who and my first serious girlfriend was a fellow Whovian before we even met. And this was when Peter Davison was steering the TARDIS.

ETA: The girl I claim hooked me on Doctor Who claimed it was really the other way around, that I was the one who suggested we watch it to kill a couple of hours before Saturday Night Live. We argued bitterly over who said what. In the end the only fight she ever lost was the one with cancer so she gets the last word.


That wasn’t true in my spacetime continuum.


That’s very interesting. I hadn’t realized that the HAL 9000 prop was built using an actual lens. Kubrick certainly knew his cameras.


It’s the work horse of international rescue! Still looks great and hasn’t dated like 1 and 3.


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