How an old camera flash became the first Star Wars lightsaber

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I have the same feelings about this as I do about makers who retrofit modern computers into antiquated mac enclosures:

Buying collectable antique tech in working order with the intent to gut it so you can do your maker project is a sin. Always, always buy broken gear for your mods.


As a Speed Graphic owner, I do find it annoying that if I want a 3-cell Graflex handle, I would have to compete with SW nerds and probably pay a premium to get it. On the other hand, my camera came with a 2-cell Heiland flash handle that works fine, so as a practical matter I only have to worry about it if the flash fails before I’ve used up my stash of Press 25 bulbs.


The funny thing is, I remember when the rush for Graflex 3 cells was on for prop replicas. When you went to the old camera shops, you quickly found that no one wanted the Graflexs. I remember the store owner asking when I bought 3 for 25 dollars “what the hell do you want that old crap for?”. I smiled and walked out.

Obi-Wan’s is indeed the most interesting. The Derwent engine piece was only the ‘emitter’ end. The main body was a British rifle grenade with windvane, another Graflex piece - the center band with lever, a Browning ANM2 machine gun booster, and a UK sink knob for the pommel. It’s quite a piece with a lot of ingenuity.

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