The journey of Anakin's lightsaber


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That’s a lot of work for a Speed Graphic flash gun.


It skips over the part of the journey I’m curious about, out of the bottom of Cloud City, and from there to the storage room of the bartender.


The lightsaber, still clutched by Luke Skywalker’s hand, had become lodged in one of Cloud City’s lower air shafts and eventually was recovered by a maintenance drone. The drone deposited the hand and the lightsaber in Smelting Core D. There, it was discovered by Groggin, the Smelting Core’s supervisor.

etc etc.

Except of course that’s probably all non-canon now anyway.


well, that’s the “to be continued” part of this story, i think. hopefully we find out in the next movie how it got from Bespin to that basement.

mark hammill is amazing in that final scene. so much emotion with no words said. i get tears every time.


Its a story for another time, said Maz.


Anakin’s lightsaber wasn’t in Return of the Jedi… just thought I’d mention. (Luke had made a new lightsaber, a green one, after he lost Anakin’s blue one with the fight with Vader on Cloud City the episode before.)


When there’s a closeup, I think, why does a lightsaber have a tripod mount?


Perhaps you put a lightsaber on a tripod for dueling practice, sort of like tee-ball.


I thought we saw it falling past Luke, but admittedly it was hard to see, and as you say, who knows what’s canon any more.


• anything in the 7 movies
• everything in the Clone Wars and Rebels cartoons
• the Force Awakens Visual Dictionary
• all SW books published after 2015


So you’re going to deprecate every Star Wars book prior to 2015?

Makes me glad I never started buying that stuff.


Disney did.



The extended universe was all over the place, and a lot of it was truly goofy. Disney wiped the slate clean to avoid all that baggage. But they regularly pull from the EU for ideas to become canon – the Rebels show has brought in stuff from the old video games, books, comics, and even RPGs.


Some of it was worse than goofy, some of it was AWFUL.

My trust in the taste of the person who recommended the “Tales of the Jedi” comics to me has never recovered.


I thought it was just killing him to not say "There as a hand with it. Did you bring the hand?’


and, interesting to me, is that his making of a light saber seemed to be a right of passage: a sign that he was a real jedi now, and not simply a person powerful in the force.


i follow him on twitter, and judging from what i have seen of his sense of humor, you’re probably right.


kind of my point :o)