Star Wars Rebels season three trailer


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"They’re Wild Rebels,
crunchy, fruity rebels.
Pouring milk on them
is like shooting off a gun."…


Love this show.

Thrilled to reeses pieces that Darth Maul is back :smile:


I am super excited to see Thrawn become a canon character. The nascent Rebellion hasn’t had to deal with ultra competent military strategy as of yet.

Note: Dave Filoni has clarified that only Thrawn (and possibly ysalamiri) are becoming canon, not all of the Heir to the Empire books, and specifically not Mara Jade.


it’s rather remarkable how good their version of Darth Maul is.


The ysalamiri seen in the trailer in Thrawn’s art gallery are as close are you are gonna get. Filoni has already said that having force blocking creatures is a bit too problematic.

I doubt it’s been a few years. A few months at most maybe. Remember, Rebels takes place leading up to ANH (and now Rogue One) you can’t go to far into forming of the rebellion. Leia has already been on Rebels and is shown to be mid to late teens. (assuming she and Luke were 18 in ANH)


OK, I got the tingles.


One thing I liked about the first season was that they made it pretty clear Kanan was a rather incompetent leader and Jedi. He really didn’t plan things well and usually got by making stuff up as he went along.

It wasn’t until much later the gang learned to think ahead. By the second season Hera, the more fanatical member became more of the leader. They got much better at rebelling.


That’s completely fine with me. I was never a fan of the concept, to be honest. I hadn’t heard Filoni’s take on them and was a bit worried that the ones in his art gallery would be doing their force bubble thing.


I got all tingly when they started describing the solution to their rebel problem hoping it would be him… Xmas is coming early!

I’m with @jlw, look at how much Ezra has aged - 2-3 yrs easy.


Well, getting a short hair cut coupled with some potential dark side usage will probably age you up. Look at what it did to Palpatine?

EDIT: Also, Kanan is still blind. You would think they could have gotten him some droid/enhanced eyes or some such in a few years. A few months? More believable he is not seeing yet.

EDIT 2: Also Ezra is a young teenager right? Short month growth spurts are quite common.


This is (thus far) the best model of The Ghost (& Phantom) I’ve been able to find. Via a SW table top game.

I’d started building my own (1.5x larger than this) but I’ve become distracted doing Xmas droids for some friends…

BTW, anyone remember who flies that YT-2400?


Always nice to see Peter Cushing’s wonderful bone structure.


Dash Rendar?


Don’t get too excited. Filoni has stated that the ship is all you will see. In no way are they bringing in Shadows of the Empire storylines/character.


it’s more that he lost faith in the Jedi a long time ago. In the beginning he’s overly reliant on his blaster and when he encounters the Inquisitor he can no longer just get by on core fighting skills and needs to re-learn his Jedi skills.

Inquisitor is an interesting character too. He’s a fencing nerd and that’s been good enough to take care of Jedi who think they can get by with fancy flips and twirling their sabers but can’t really deal with someone that’s actually strong in the force. Lots of great character development all around.

Also I love the fact that all the Empire extras look like old school British actors that look too ‘weird’ to be stars now.


The cartoons’ animation looks as good as the prequels’ CGI sets. Which says rather more about the prequels than the cartoons, IMHO.


The models they’re doing for the tabletop X-Wing game are absolutely top notch. When they can, they’re using 3D scans of the original physical models used in the movies. The ships used in the Armada game are huge and beautiful.


My friend plays it. I watched him for awhile play at a tournament. I need to get the Slave I, but its like $30…

The first two Seasons of Rebels was solid. I love that they go back and use some of the past production art for inspiration on the new stuff. Those Mandalorians are prototype Boba Fetts. I LOVE than Thrawn is in the mix. and it looks like mother fucking Dark Troopers!


They’re pulling from all sorts of things – the old Lucasarts video games, even the old Star Wars RPG. It’s exciting, because I never know what obscure geeky thing from the extended universe they’re going to use and make canon. This is a show that devoted an entire episode to Hera flying a B-Wing around, so they know what I want.