'Star Wars Rebels' Ghost may be in 'Rogue One'


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Maybe. Kinda hope not. Though it is a freighter, they should be hundreds of thousands - maybe millions of them in the galaxy.


I agree. It’d be kinda neat for them to have a cameo, but there’s gotta be more than one of those freighters in the galaxy. Of course, this is also the same franchise where I’ve never seen another YT-1300 freighter besides the Falcon, and those things were supposed to be the Honda Civics of interstellar transport and piracy. Seems like every dashing rebel-aligned mercenary out there gets their own bespoke-yet-common-enough-not-to-raise-immediate-suspicion Corellian transport these days.


This is a galaxy full of incredible coincidence.


Yeah, as The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles taught me, that gets old really quick.

ETA - though to be fair, the Rebels showing up at least would feel the least tacked on, as they were active during this time, and have even tangled with Vader.

I was so miffed when Han Solo showed up at the Jedi Temple in a Lego story. I mean, it’s Lego, who cares, right? But it was just dumb.


It can be the Ghost from Rebels, but I hope the crew (or some of them) are not there. All money is on Kanan dead by the time ANH rolls around. Ezra…well if a certain theory holds true its ok for him to be out there somewhere.

But it not, thats no good because then you’ve got two more Jedi running around that shouldn’t be so close to Luke’s awakening.

Remember, Rebels takes place a few years before ANH (Leia’s episode listed her as 16 there when she is 18+ in ANH)


This is interesting. Just after that frame, there was a thing that kind of looked like a ship emerging from a cloud. I used Photoshop’s Enhance feature to zoom in.

I’m hoping RX-24 makes a cameo.


There is already canon source for that too. A s1 (or was is 2) episode of Rebels had some of the crew riding on a Star Tours-esque transport and they got Paul Rubens to come back and do the voice for the pilot.


Could you track 43 right?


No but he can pull back and stop.


I tracked 43 right, enhanced, and got a hard copy right there. I saw things you people wouldn’t believe. Disney merchandise on sale off the shoulder of Tatooine Traders™. I watched mouse ears glitter in the fireworks over Cinderella Castle Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain, unless you visit the gift shop and purchase a suitable souvenir, ideally also purchasing a ride photo with your PhotoPass™.


The Ghost is a very distinct ship, and it would make sense for them to be there in that timeframe.

Given that Forest Whittaker is playing a character from the Clone Wars show, they’re not shy about tying this movie into the other canon properties.


How is that transportation company is still in business with all the law suits and compromising Imperial space all the time. I am surprised their license wasn’t revoked or sued into oblivion.


When their company slogan is “you may not like how we do it, but we will get you and your cargo there” can any one really have anything to complain about?


This is a galaxy full of incredible coincidence, incredibly limited liability laws, and incredibly lax regulations on space transportation (excepting occasional usefulness as plot devices).


Well if it doesn’t include a cavity search, it is more convenient that most air travel on earth today.


Oh you know there is a droid out there that has that as their primary skill. Probably also the root of the Trade Federations problems with Republic law.


“What is my purpose?”

“You search anal cavities.”

“Oh god…”

“Welcome to the club, pal.”


Can’t believe I missed the already canon droid perfect for the job:

but plus 1 for the Rick and Morty reference.