How Darth Vader's amazing final scene in Rogue One happened

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Most of the time when you say somebody wiped the walls with the other guys in a fight it’s meant metaphorically.


Sabre Dance

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I heard they parked a Star Destroyer full of um Galactic Credits next to Vader’s house and he said I’m in.

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You know, Clone Wars and Rebels (Thanks, @jlw!) have really taught me how much better the Clones were at combat than the Storm Troopers were. In fact, if the Empire had kept using Clones (and their training), they’d probably have crushed the rebel alliance in every ground (or boarding) mission.


The only problem with K2-SO’s character is that he demonstrates exactly how stupid the Empire was to abandon combat droids in lieu of stormtroopers. He took down like 20 of those guys before he finally went offline. Plus he could do all kinds of things they couldn’t, like survive in a vacuum.


I can just watch this scene over and over and over and over.


Well again, Clone Wars showed this in great detail - the central-computer droids had a critical flaw obviously - destroy their command ship, they all fail. The change to individually-controlled droids was better, but they were still droids - subject to being taken out with emp-like weapons, magnitized to hulls, etc. And, as K2-SO (and Rebels) showed, also subject to capture and reprogramming!

Of course, we know from The Force Awakens that the other extreme didn’t work, either - by going to all organic soldiers, now they are subject to defection, too.

It’s the age old problem. Finding good henchmen!


Maybe a schnazzy armband and fifty extra credits a week will do the job? :wink:


Oh, is there anything B5 can’t be an excellent reference for? :smiley:


Truth. The Penguin went through so many of those guys he eventually stopped giving them bird-themed nicknames just so he wouldn’t get attached.


I love that the caption at the start (~20 seconds in) says “Rouge One”. Even they can’t get it right!


I can think of a few things, but those are the topics that would never have been able to get past the Moral Guardians of the 1990s, and they still did the best that they could.


Didn’t realize that was Gareth in the hall. Nice touch. (I too would have stolen that prop from the set given the chance)

To me the one thing that sets Rogue One apart from The Force Awakens is that JJ made a “fan film” in TFA where Gareth made a real film that was made by a fan.


My understanding was post Clone Wars the Senate declared there would be no more clones or droid armies as it was too easy to manufacture perpetual wars. I have no idea if whatever story that came from was wiped from canon but I think there is a mention of no more clones in one of the movies.


Or did they?


This was the editor’s idea??? By far the best moment in a rather dull episode, and also one of the best moments in the entire franchise, and it was conceived of by the editor? They even rewrote the whole film and still missed it?

Maybe the editor should be writing the next film.


Editors don’t always get the credit they deserve for the quality of the final film. Jaws would have been a hokey looking B-movie if Verna Fields had left the shark attack scenes the way Stephen Spielberg intended them.


I thought this was a perfectly fine sequence. And if I’d never seen episode 4, then it makes for a good segue. But… (begin pedantry)

40 years ago, when I first saw princess Leia protest her innocence to Vader, it was at least plausible that the empire was working a hunch, or a tip, some bit of actionable Intel.

Coming directly from a hot pursuit the way they’ve retconned it now, her protests of innocence seem stupidly thin.

It’s not quite at the level of Luke smooching his sister, but it does strip some of the believability away from the original.