The journey of Anakin's lightsaber


It looks like somebody leaked the Force Awookens blu-ray this week.


The part I really have trouble with is that there’s nothing in A New Hope to suggest that Anakin’s lightsaber isn’t the one Obi-Wan fights Darth Vader with (and therefore gets destroyed with the rest of the Death Star). We only see one blue lightsaber in the whole movie, and if Luke had his lightsaber with him, the trash compactor scene would have been a lot shorter.


The lightsaber he has against Darth Vader is definitely a different design than the one given to Luke.


Nothing aside from the fact that there’s no reason that Obi-Wan, a Jedi Knight, would not have own lightsaber and would instead borrow back dead apprentice’s lightsaber from his son. I don’t think the existence of two blue lightsabers threw anyone for a second.


“I see you have constructed a new light saber. Your skills are complete.”

The only reason the recover of Anakin’s original lightsaber (as described above) matters at all in EU is because finding it and the hand allow them to clone Luke (which was either in Darksaber or one of the related novels).


Heir to the Empire series if I recall correctly. The Last Command to be exact. No, I didn’t just look at the bookshelf next to me.


Or alternately…

(by Ayej, who has some awesomely funny Witcher comics there. Like a video-gamey Kate Beaton)


Exhibit A: Palpatine’s three-eyed son, Triclops.
Exhibit B: The Yuuzhan Vong, a Force-resistant Borg-ish S&M species that was all spikes and death and murdered 300 trillion people for fun, plus Chewbacca.
Exhibit C: Ziro the Hutt, the sadly-canon uncle of Jabba, who (on direct orders from Lucas) was a flamingly gay Hutt with the voice of Truman Capote.


That never was canon.


Making a lightsaber as a requirement on the path to becoming a Jedi Master is reinforced in a few episodes of Rebels. Ezra incorporated a blaster into his lightsaber, Obi Wan would’ve hated that.


Exhibit A(1): While imprisoned in the Kessel mines asylum, Triclops was often whipped by the Supreme Slavelord himself, another three-eyed man named Trioculus.[9]



It was a Jedi Fad for a while. Stuff a GoPro in your lightsaber for some bitchin’ footage and then you might want some group shots afterwards.


• anything in the 7 movies

You’re mistaken. There are only 4 movies.


Ugh. Yeah, I know. The prequels weren’t that great. I get it.

Here’s the thing: Lucas, in his elder years, is a lousy director and an even lousier writer. But the prequel movies were still wonderful sources of worldbuilding and imagination. They gave better storytellers than Lucas the tools to make really excellent stories that wouldn’t have existed if not for the prequel movies. So I’m glad they exist, though I don’t intend to watch them again anytime soon.


What I hate is that some of it is just super dumb (i.e. Six year old Darth Vader made C-3PO.), some is just bad story decisions (i.e. Young Obi-Wan totally should have been brash, and been more like, “Screw you little old green man! I totally know what I’m doing teaching this kid.”, and then later became the more sedate wise old man of the original trilogy because, “Oh shit. Damn. I fucked up real bad.”), and others directly counter the originals (i.e. Leia remembers her mom.).

Killing off Leia’s mom in childbirth is just stupid. Sure there’s some fan boy is going to say, "Yeah, well that wasn’t Bail Organa’s wife, not her real mom, and blah blah, " but that’s just as stupid as trying to say, “Actually, it does make sense to measure speed units of distance here.” No, in both it’s just a mistake.

Don’t even get me started on Star Trek Enterprise, and the damn “augment virus”. The foreheads are just a retcon, just deal with it.


Oh, believe me, I know. Lucas’ storytelling is clunky, poorly thought out, and full of goofy discrepancies. Bad dialogue, poor motivations, all of that stuff. As movies: not great. As sources of new races, new creatures, new worlds, new ship designs, new worldbuilding concepts, and, well, Coruscant, they’re great – the designers who worked on them had fun. But that’s me talking as a guy who plays Star Wars tabletop RPGs.

I didn’t have any intention to, having never seen it.



But that’s me talking as a guy who plays Star Wars tabletop RPGs.

WEG D6 4-Life! :wink:

I didn’t have any intention to, having never seen it.

Two words: Space Nazis

I’m not even joking. I only saw like 5 episodes, and one of them had honest to god Space Nazis.



They had them in the original series. And in Voyager.


There’s only three, but they’ve made one of them twice.