Adam Savage's favorite things of 2020

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I would buy an Oculus in a heartbeat if it weren’t for the fact that the guy who makes them is a MAGA nazi.


I have a Quest 1 that I bought at launch but once Facebook started in with a mandatory Facebook account to use the Quest 2 I decided to hold off and wait for a competitor’s standalone headset.


My video is a lot, lot shorter.


I immediately shut off from ever getting anything Oculus once I found this out.

Will wait for HTC to do something. I’m not on Instagram either because it’s owned by Facebook even though countless people keep asking me to make an Instagram account so they can see all the cool shit I am making.



I’m grandfathered in to the Oculus Quest so I’m allowed to log in with only my Oculus account but I have no access to my friends list. As of January 2023 the Facebook requirement will go into effect for us early adopters as well and many of my games may no longer work. I no longer buy any games from the Oculus store, rather buying Steam VR games and playing via Virtual Desktop or picking up games from SideQuest instead. I have no desire to be part of the Facebook ecosystem.

Anybody know where you can find that ultra-thin velcro? I’ve found some similar but not quite the same products online, or they’re manufacturers who require a bulk order before they’ll talk to you. That Etsy store was sold out before this video was posted.

Soon as i saw him praising the Oculus Quest 2 i just knew there’d be loads of people in the tube comments complaining about the fb requirement. For good reason too, it’s bullshit but not at all surprising from that dictatorship-enabling propaganda network. So i’m really not willing to accept their own marketing guff that his thing is selling beyond what they expected.

My favorite thing so far in 2020 is not dying.

Ironically, my least favorite thing about 2020 is having lived to see it.


Don’t you just love this new wave of retroactive exclusionary bullshit from a company known from profiting off of personal data as they try to force you onto their system of exploiting your personal data?

I honestly wonder if Zuckerberg goes to sleep at night succinctly understanding why some people refuse to interact with his creations.

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