Holy crap Facebook is paying $2 billion for Oculus Rift


Your calendar is broken and this post is about a week early!

(I know…I know it’s true, but…argh!)

Oh, and insert joke here about how’s there’s nothing more social than putting on a mask that isolates you completely from your surroundings!


I haven’t followed the latest in VR tech (mostly because I didn’t believe it would amount to much) but have they solved the motion sickness issues associated with VR yet?

All those Kickstarter backers must be feeling great about the fat checks Zuckerberg is going to be cutting th–what’s that? No…? No checks for backers? Wha—oh.


Oculus R.I.P.


If this Oculus Rift thing really takes off I’m going to get rich by signing on as a dealer for those “Stadium Pal” urine collection systems.


Facebook buys company specializing in monitors you strap to your face. I’m sure the advertising experience will in no way be obtrusive.


This is the one thing that could happen that would stop me from ordering an Oculus Rift. What a monumentally bad decision. And I can’t believe they paid that much for it - seems like a big gamble on a company that hasn’t really even launched yet.


Well… shit.

I had really been looking forward to this. But the threat of bundling the Rift together with social crap could be enough to turn me off; I don’t even like games with a heavy multiplayer focus, social sharing ignored.


Derp. I saw @peregrinus_bis’s post on this before this one. I’ll repeat what I said there:

I get them buying WhatsApp, but wtf? The Oculus Rift looks kinda cool for things like Star Citizen, Elite: Dangerous, and other 3D games, but why the hell would I strap that to my head to look at baby pictures, urban legends, Farmville, and incoherent babbling?


Vale, Oculus Rift. At least Valve and Sony are also playing with VR so we might still get something out of it.

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I was not a backer but I would back a class action.


How much of a difference is there between Oculus and the Sony headset ? I’ve followed Oculus since Kickstarter and was really excited by it… but this… urgh, are they going to buy Ouya next ?

On what grounds? Kickstarting is not investing. It is patronage in the classical sense, only distributed. If you were a rich patron of the arts, and a recipient of your largess does something you didn’t like, the only solution was to refrain from further contributions.

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Just emailed O.R. and told them to cancel my preorder from last week. Too bad.

Also …


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Sony’s is for the PS4 only, although it will probably be hacked to work with PCs in a timely fashion.

So… 2 Instagrams, or just over 10% of a WhatsApp… Is moving inane data snippets over a network purpose built for moving data snippets really valued that highly against actually doing engineering these days?



Stop buying things that are awesome, thereby meaning I will refuse to use them. He’s gonna shift the Rift WAY off the gaming course and turn it into something meaninglesss and idiotic that will be a gimmicky version of webcams.


You had to ask?