Add PHP to your web-building toolkit with this 4-course training bundle

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As a teen, I cut my teeth on PHP (my first job was as a PHP dev, ugh!), and even though it’s come a long way since then, it still drives me crazy. It’s pretty close to the epitome of anti-elegance. This essay is a little old, but it still rings true:

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PHP is the worst “living” language, the only competition may be ABAP.

I was so happy when I discovered Python and found that writing web applications can actually be fun. At that time there were not many full-time Python jobs, so I was happy to find one, and I never looked back. Since then, I helped several companies transition from PHP to Python.

Maybe the boing boing shop can be persuaded to sell a decent Python course, I can recommend “Real Python”, I wish that was available back in the day…

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