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Oh boy, I’m gonna create Facebook!


This… this…

(Takes a deep breath)

Okay, let me tell you a story.

I arrived home the other day and saw two brand spanking new books on the communal coffee table. “Learn HTML5 in 48 hours!”, And “Learn C++ in 48 hours!”. I almost had a panic attack, cause the guy that bought them doesn’t know a lambda from a regex.

End of story.

That is the most important part–if you don’t know your basics you still have to put in your 10,000 hours. Same with everything–programming, music, gardening, whatever.

Anyhoo, I count six languages and three variants, along with styles on why you should do what when? Okay, when should you use rails over fast CGI python? When should you use CSS vs CSS3 (and what does that mean to you?).

Php oop and pdo…? I want to punch a kitten. You don’t know why those things are combined and why they are apples to marmots.

(Deep breath japhroaig)

There are not shortcuts. Start at a comfortable level, then move up and/or down. Or sideways. I dunno, choose your axis :).

php pdo and Ruby combined sound as good as a hamburger made from sour patch kids covered in tartar sauce

Also, learning to program in a language is not enough to create a large-scale application. You’ll need ops and architecture knowledge to do that. Not to mention project management.

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