Your coding mentor is waiting: Interactive Coding Bootcamp for $29

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I’m having so much fun in this course! My brain is lighting up with every time I learn something, releasing tons of euphoric chemicals, reminding me of the rush I used to get when I loved to learn in a private elementary school.

The instructor’s voice, to me, is fine. He sounds like one of my friends guiding me through a step by step process. He doesn’t sound like an actor, nor rehearsed, only a genuine fellow who’s helping me learn.

While I think the job prospects of ruby on rails isn’t going to be as profitable as it was in 2014 when the course was first designed, I can use this initial course as the best kind of resume padding which will make me more attractive to companies.

So far, 5/5 stars, especially for the price!

I sat up when I initially read this as “Interactive Coding Bootstrap”!

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