Pay what you want for the complete 2016 coder bundle

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Is this the same one that was 99.999% off?

Awesome! I’m confident that buying this course will lead to a future of “pay what you want” free lance gigs.


Well, it was cheap, and I figured I’d learn something, so I tried it.

Pfft. Yeah, I learned something, all right.

Four of the ten courses are taught by people whose English is, to put it diplomatically, exotic. Which is to say: it would be nice if one could spare the attention to follow the material, but one’s brain is too busy trying to understand the accent. This is from the POV of a native English speaker from America, of course. Those from the same region as the lecturers will do better with those lectures.

Looking over the HTML/CSS course, it appears that it does not cover anything that one could not learn at CodeCademy, for free, faster, and without having to decipher mangled English. I suspect the same is true for all of the technical courses.

Summary: don’t waste your money. If you want to give to Save the Children, give directly.

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Oh come on. If you get a job in tech eventually you’re going to have to decipher data sheets. It must be worth it for that alone.

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