Pay What You Want: WordPress Wizard Bundle

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Note: you only get 2 of the 12 courses if you don’t pay at least the average price, which is currently $8.66. The two included in the “below average” price range are:

  • “WordPress eCommerce with WooCommerce”
  • “Build a Money Making Website For Beginners: Work From Home”

Granted, all of these courses kinda sound like the kind of thing you can pick up using the AMPLE free resources that a Google search could easily yield.

This should really be called the Bullshit Affiliate Marketing bundle. None of these courses will take you “beyond the template.”

That is ridiculous. So it’s not really “pay what you want” in that case.

Well sure it is. You can pay what you want, you just won’t get everything. Lol. At least with the Humble Bundles, you really are “Paying what you want”… The “Beat the average” stuff is more bonuses. In this case it’s pretty obviously a ploy to get you to buy everything.

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It’s pretty crappy that Boing Boing has deteriorated this way. Dodgy sales pitches and cute cat clips daily.


So what would one actually be buying? Vids? Audio? PDFs?


However, the ability to figure out which of those free internet resources is actually worth your time is usually something that only comes after a significant investment of time.

I’ve been thinking about upping my WordPress chops, and would almost consider this bundle.

Except I’ve got so many things-I’ve-already-paid-for-to-read/study already.

I’d much rather read that big, fat printed-cheaply-on-the-indian-subcontinent copy of Speech and Language Processing, 2ed.

Plus, those AWS videos I bought on here earlier this summer.

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That implies that these paid-for resources are worth your time… I’m not holding my breath. Based on the other junk they’ve posted for the BB store, I’m doubting that these are any better.

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