Deal: Pay What You Want For The Back-End Developer Course Bundle

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I already have this book:

Does this bootcamp course have anything that will make my back end even better?

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Note that there is a minimum of $1.01, and you have to beat the average (currently $9.97) if you want all 8 courses. Otherwise you only get the first 2 courses.

Also, It says that 10% of the profits go to Creative Commons… As opposed to 10% of the money taken in. I prefer the Humble Bundle method where you can see exactly how much of your money is going where. How much of the cost, if I for example paid $9.97, would be profit? Or is this just poor writing on the deal page, and it’s actually 10% of the money that I pay that would go to CC?

Edit: nevermind, in another place on the page it says “10% of the proceeds”, as opposed to 10% of the profits. So I’m guessing it’s just poor writing in the other place on the page.

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For my part, I am confused as to why someone would want to learn PHP for absolute beginners right before diving into learning PHP programming from scratch. Are some of these courses so poor as to be useless, or did someone just go “I’ve got this random grab-bag of material that hasn’t been selling, I should make it into a bundle!”

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Yeah, odd to have both of those in there. Also, “Learn Useable PHP in 14 Days”, which sounds like an intro course as well. An awful lot of overlap in these courses.

Also of note: 23,171 bundles sold. Presumably not all through the BB store.

So basically, an affiliate marketing scheme, which seems to be what a lot of boingboing store is. They must’ve decided that Amazon affiliate links weren’t bringing in enough revenue.

Edit: Well, doesn’t this look familiar… Up to and including the dreadful VPN Unlimited offer at the top.

Well, they were posting StackSocial links directly, before, until they launched the BB store. I knew it was just a rebranded StackSocial page, and that’s fine… But man, the “deals” are all pretty much junk.

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