97% Off 500+ Online Courses For Coders, Designers, IT Admins & More

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Speaking of code, here’s some code for your greasmonkey plugin…run it on the blog pages.

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$49 is 98% off of $2299. Rounding error in your cart software I expect.

Is this worthwhile? I’ve got CompTIA A+ and Network+ certifications but no professional experience. I’m currently trying to get a job in IT and looking to go to school for IT in the nearish future. I’ve never heard of this company before.

Edit: Ending in three hours… Fuck it, I bought it. Hopefully it turns out to be worthwhile…

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I have the old lifetime A+ and Network+ certs, and experience, lots of it.

None of it is very useful these days.

So good luck to you!

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In three hours? Mine shows it as ending in 6 days. Are bb store offerings showing different end times for different people?

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The prices fluctuate based on your Whuffie™ Score.

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Any reports on the quality of the content, yet?

As others have pointed out in other threads on similar offerings, there are tons of free resources out there. But I like to have something in my hip-pocket so I don’t have to rely on hours of google-searches, vetting the varying quality of those free resources.

For $49 having a refresher on PHP or Python, or advanced WordPress could be interesting.

Or not.

Not a thing regarding NodeJS. C’mon, people!

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