Get a subscription to the acclaimed SitePoint Premium Tech Courses for 89% off

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Only 89% off? Highway robbery! Usually these things are like 99.9% off.

I wonder who pays full price?


Well come on. Where else can you learn Ruby or Git from “Silicon Valley thought leaders”?

(Aren’t those the “important” people that are supposed to be steering industry opinion, and not teaching cut rate software courses?)

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I’m just waiting for the deep discounts on Trump U. Come on, BoingBoing, you’re slacking!


[quote=“Boundegar, post:2, topic:75091, full:true”]
Only 89% off? Highway robbery! Usually these things are like 99.9% off. [/quote]
Not to worry. Boing Boing has your back. The BB Store listing says this:

So, the $49 life time offer that’s 89% off from the “regular” $450 lifetime subscription? $49 is actually 99.934666666667% off of the full $75,000 value! Best Boing Boing Store discount ever!!! (There should be balloons falling, and sweeping search lights and music playing as I say this…)

You will be rolling in imaginary cash savings! You’ll be able to brag to everybody, “What has two thumbs and just saved 99.934666666667%? This guy!!! Oh, yeah!” You’ll have to build a new wing on your house to store your savings after you decide which denominations to stash away. Do you want your savings in imaginary untraceable, used low denomination bills? Or in crisp, imaginary twenties? Your waiter will be astounded when you tip him with your new found invisible savings. And your spouse will be dumbfounded by your savings acumen.

Thanks Boing Boing Store!

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