Save 94% on the Complete Learn To Code Bundle

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So correct me if i’m wrong but is this a sponsored post? I’m not seeing a disclaimer or any text anywhere describing the nature of the post.

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Moreover, one could probably do just as well with freely-available materials, I would think.


I took a punt on it to see what it is like.

“The web development course has an average rating of 4.8 stars (out of 5) with 7,684 ratings.”

Maybe, but the first link I clicked in the bundle was the Python course, whose reviews are pretty scathing (1/5 and 2/5’s). Perhaps I should have saved 100% on this course and gotten the HD Camera Drone instead?..



Don’t dare think you have to take this deal or you’ll miss out. For those who don’t know how Udemy work, their courses are often great but their prices aren’t to be taken seriously for a millisecond. If you just sign up for free, they’ll constantly email you with reduction codes. They have sales every other day (Be careful with these codes. I’ve clicked through a 75% off code then realised that visiting without it got a bigger discount because they were doing a 90% off day when you visited cold).

They get even cheaper on Black Friday.

Just Google “Udemy code” right now and the top result is “96% off” and it works because I used it the other day.

If something is being sold for 95% off cover price, that invariably means that it wasn’t worth a fraction of the cover price.


Code Oregon is offering an amazing selection of free online courses, from web design (both front and backend) to developing both iOS and Android apps to complete programming languages.

Bah! Learn to code by fighting!

Crobots, maybe? (So I’m old. What of it?)

Bah! Core Wars dates to the early 80s!

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I know. I like C, though.

Well that makes… one of us…

Faute de mieux, maybe. The other choices back in the day were shitty.

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