Pay what you want for 50+ hours of Python training

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A huge let-down.
Absolutely nothing about handling big snakes.
:star: ; would not buy again.


I already have a Python Wrangler on call 24-7. She would not be pleased if I took steps to usurp her role.

I would have bought this 10 minutes ago but I have no idea how much it will cost to buy all the content you are willing to sell. It says $11.99 with a countdown timer OR pay what you want. Below this it shows 5 unlocked courses. But you say “beat the average price to unlock all.”. WTF. Is $11.99 the average you have to beat? If so why can’t you just Fng say “Python Bundle $12 but if you like it consider paying more.”. If not, then my only question is why do you hate customers so much? Aren’t you net neutrality zombies opposed to charging different amounts for the same data? Is there an exception for inept business practices? Speaking of which, I was told repealing Trump’s ability to regulate the internet was going to ruin all the things, even that it would be the end of the internet as we know it. You hipsters and your bullshit man. I just wanted to buy some Python courses at a known price. Just put a fucking price on your fucking product and get your dumbass scarf and ugly glasses off my fucking lawn so I can yell at clouds in peace.



This is still on the shelf from when I had to learn python in a week. Something tells me I couldn’t stomach 50+ hours of “training” in any language.

Whitespace-significant languages are an Abomination Unto Nuggan.

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