Name your price to learn web design from the pros

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Name my price? Well, it is a tremendous investment of my time, but if you pay me a few hundred dollars, I think I’d be willing to learn.


Bullshit is in the details. It’s actually “pay above average” and you get the bundle.

If you actually name your own price, one that is below the claimed average (type of average not defined) you don’t get any of the bundle, you get some sort of un-named consolation prize.

[quote=“BoingBoingStore”] 1 Pay what you want —& if that’s less than the average price—you’ll still take home something great.

2 Beat the average price & you’ll take home the entire bundle. [/quote]


This may be a fantastic deal for some. For me, the most important tools for a web application developer consist of a text editor that does decent syntax highlighting, jslint for finding flaws in my JavaScript, a good solid understanding of the PDO class for PHP, and a good solid understanding of the DOMDocument class for PHP. Those last two can really only be learned by doing.

You must learn the proper way to securely interact with a database (that’s where PDO is essential) and you must have a good understanding of the power of the Document Object Model if you are going to create solid secure web applications.

In my humble opinion.

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