Name your price for this complete Adobe CC design class


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That… is perfect.

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At this point, Adobe should pay me to take it.

Working on a large illo and Illustrator CC with a few million points and it feels like it never got out of 1995, what the hell.

I’m sorry. I’m tired and crabby and don’t remember how to sleep any more. But I mean that.

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It’s actually “Name your price for this 10 hour After Effects class”. You have to pay above the alleged average to get the “complete” set of courseware, which is currently 17.93. Still cheap, but not actually “name your own price.”

These courses are not by Adobe. They are a random assembly of no-name tutorials from different sources, and you can bet that none actually sell for the retail prices listed in the ad.


I know. I’m crabby because the software is so bad that these tutorials can’t help you if you don’t have access to practical experience just to deal with every bizarre production problem which pops up caused by Adobe’s software.

Actually, it’s probably not that bad, but it’s been a stressful month to have deadlines and slow saves and Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 suddenly break backwards compatibility with CS4’s layer handling and oh my god I hate it when they change things without reason.

Or maybe it is that bad and I’m a tired, crabby bastard.


I’m still using my (legally purchased!) copies of CS6, and am a bit terrified to upgrade, as I keep hearing my designer friends melt down and flip tables over the constant changes and price increases going on with CC.


It me.

I’m ready to go back to CS3.


Name your price

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