What would you pay to learn how to use the Adobe Creative Cloud?


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Negative two hundred dollars, and that’s as high as i’m willing to go.


Pay? hahaha… would you pay me? No still not worth it.


I’m a little nonplussed that BoingBoing, champions of open source maker culture, shill not just some closed-source products, but THE king-daddy of closed-source, “don’t own/modify me” walled-garden shite products. I’d much rather see (and pay for) similar course material for the GIMP, Audacity, and other OSS maker tools.


There are no OSS maker tools right now that are comparable to AdobeCC for this market. You cannot use GIMP to do what Photoshop already does, not at a pro level. Even if GIMP had parity with Photoshop, I’d still rather use Painter. Honestly, there may never be.

But at least GIMP can approximate some of Photoshop’s wheelhouse. Nothing comes close to Illustrator. Or InDesign. Or After Effects. Or Acrobat (my least favorite example here, but it’s also true).


I’ve only used Autodesk Sketchbook for mobile, which is limited, but that’s another program that approximates some of Photoshop at a more affordable price point.

I used to play in Photoshop years ago (PS7 was my version), but frankly, I can’t afford to use the newer PS software now since I’m not a professional graphics-person. So yes, I’d love to see courses for open-source programs like GIMP and Audacity offered here.


95% off!!! It’s as cheap as free!!!

(That’s how much.)


I agree. I’m glad open source products like GIMP are out there but for pro users they simply don’t compare to Adobe’s software. The only reasons a professional designer or visual artist would opt for open source software instead of Creative Cloud would be either 1) as a highly principled objection to the proprietary software model or 2) because they were flat broke.


As @coherent_light says, comparing GIMP to photoshop, etc., even to PhotoShop Elements just don’t fly


True, nothing measures up to Photoshop… but a lot of us aren’t professionals, so while I’m sure these courses are really wonderful, they aren’t something we can take advantage of. As a dabbler in graphics manipulation, I’d gladly throw my money at courses teaching me to use the less-expensive, more limited programs out there and get the maximum benefit I can from them.


Understandale. I once installed GIMP and got a book on it (this was before there was youtube tutorials for everything) to teach myself some concepts. I don’t do graphic arts all day but have sometimes needed to make something ready for printing, Hit so many walls with GIMP that I got Photoshop Elements and that mostly covered me fine.


Of course the flipside is that if you’re not a graphics professional and don’t aspire to be then there’s no point in a “masterclass”-level course for your software of choice.


I recently subscribed to photoshop CC for the first time after years of using CS5 and never upgrading. So on the one hand, I’m interested. But on the other hand, groping around blindly in photoshop is half the fun


400 quatloos.


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