Learn visual branding with this graphic design course

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Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not inspired to take a “master class” in graphic design from a company that thinks this is an exemplar of good graphic design:


Also, 97% off? Are the courses really so bad that they had to discount them by 97% off to move them? That’s not really a good sign. :open_mouth:


Is that a poo wearing a graduation cap?


Maybe a badly folded pretzel?

I am totally fine with 97% off. But the logo is really not good.

Diagram of testicular torsion?


It appears to be a poorly recreated version of the Adobe Creative Cloud logo with a graduation cap.


Oh my God, the realisation that this is a botched recreation of an Adobe logo makes this shitshow even worse. A big company like Adobe will have very careful branding protection in place to ensure its logo is presented appropriately, and you can be sure that this course bollocking up the logo is not only a testament to the ineptitude of its designers, but will now be a cause for legal trouble with Adobe.

I laughed out loud at “testicular torsion”.

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