Get graphic design instruction at Black Friday pricing

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I wouldn’t want to risk seeming like I can do graphic design.

Because then my boss will stick me with graphic design work.


Maybe it would be more accurate to describe this training as graphic design software instruction. The tools are important but knowing how to use InDesign isn’t the same thing as being a good graphic designer.


Yeah, but you can’t tell them that.


I teach a class in Adobe InDesign. I tell my students that all the time.

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When I end up on the hook for graphic design again, I’ll look you up.


I’d be happy to write a note to your boss explaining that many InDesign users actually suck at layout if that will help.


Mostly I kid.

I’m so far removed from front-end stuff that much of my time is spent being on the hook for back-end stuff I’m loosely associated with.

Mmm. I’m now not sure that counts as mostly kidding, now that I think about it.

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As a graphic design graduate, you can imagine how I feel about a 40-hour course claiming it can teach that subject. Puts the rest of these courses from @boingboingstore in a clearer light.


It’s interesting to search Boing Boing for “Black Friday” and watch the results morph from highlighting grim, naked consumerism to shilling products themselves. Looks like the change was complete by around 2015-2016.


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everyone is all in favor of disruption, rule-breaking and tearing down the old order when they’re a scrappy insurgent, and once they attain power, they change sides

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