Addiction, recovery, and the risk of relapse


It’s a great article. I also really like the way Russel Brand describes it.

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was just going to post this. the reactions of some of my more ignorant internet colleagues are disheartening, yet understood. i’ve been trying to change some hearts and minds as compassionately as i hope we can someday treat all victims of this disease.

Another great take:


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interesting. never knew of Ms. Curtis’ struggles.
it’s a decent take, except where she implies that accessibility to drugs is one of the bigger problems.

Personally I see a prevalence of 12 step graduates in the drug policy community. The “Use is Abuse” attitude creates an all or nothing world for the recovering or not addict. This all or nothingness tells people, if I’m going to relapse, I might as well do it big. The idea that my mother, at 80, is a dry drunk because, even though she hasn’t had a drink in 40 years, she did it outside 12 steps. This denies the fact that there are many paths to enlightenment and the pursuit of happiness. Like the punishment vs rehabilitation debate, its not something easily answered but, evidence from around the world shows how successful the different philosophies are.


As an ex-user, and someone who knows a lot of others like me, and a sizeable number of whom are now drugs workers, fuck 12-step. It’s poison to too many.


I have to take some issue with his all-or-nothing attitude. While I won’t deny that there are a subset of addicts for whom that is the case, there are also plenty who it doesn’t apply to. I know a number of people who can’t touch alcohol, but don’t have any problem with weed. I also know some like me. I was an alcoholic for about a decade. I still drink, but I haven’t been drunk in five years. Insistence that all-or-nothing is the only way for every addict actually does a lot of harm, IMHO.


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