Dopey Day to honor the lives of people who have died from addiction

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My issue with this podcast is that they’re clearly discussing all this stuff around a 12 step framework. That whole thing is legally (and just obviously) a religious group, which is founded on convincing people they are incompetent to solve their addictions without committing to the group for the rest of their life.

I think when that doesn’t actually deliver what it promises and people are disappointed, they have internalized the idea that their only other choice is to do the exact opposite, to return immediately to incredibly destructive drug use. I’ve definitely known people who used drugs basically successfully for years, got caught up by prohibition and forced into a 12-step program, got indoctrinated at least a little, and ended up dead or with a much worse habit in short order. The treatment kills.

Almost every person in AA smokes cigarettes (even if they didn’t when they got there). It’s a magnet for cluster-B types. If you need more psychopaths, dead friends and chain-smoking addiction gurus in your life, catch a meeting.

The worst thing is that it’s been industrialized. This framework would have died out in America, if it wasn’t so profitable for a revolving-door rehab industry.

Compare to somewhere like Finland (Sinclair method) or Mexico (Ibogaine) where you pay $5k to go to treatment once, and they offer essential a working cure, instead of non-working lifelong “treatment”. Nobody’s even heard of their methods here. It’s a travesty. We’re seeing so many people die, and just redoubling the same efforts.

My parents are in AA. I’ve been around it, mostly unwillingly, for about 15 years of my life. I am expressing contempt after investigation.

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