Reports: Prince was addicted to Percocet, had opioids on person and at home when he died


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Truly sad, almost as sad as his death.

Not because it’s morally bad or any stupid idea like that, but painkiller addiction just is not a problem that happy people tend to have.

(That’s probably why the US has such a high rate.)


Really tragic that he might not have a will. The vultures would already be circling, now they are going to go into a frenzy, which will be a damn travesty.


It’s not really surprising, as a will is a provision for when you are no longer there. Many control freaks will avoid it, as it is a tacit admission that things can escape their control. Another common reason is the simple feeling that when you die, it doesn’t matter, because you’re dead. Let the others fight it out, you’re no longer there.

And all this reminds me that I still haven’t made my own will, mainly because I do not feel I have anything of value to inherit. Still, it would be good to make sure people important in my life have something to refer to and not fall into squabbling.


Isn’t overprescribing of opiates the real cause of the problem? There are an awful lot of unhappy people in the world but most of them don’t get opiates. Controlling personalities, on the other hand, seem to be a bit prone to addiction.
The ratio of effective to dangerous dosage for opiates is extremely low. In terms of that ratio, cannabis is probably the safest of all drugs - it is extremely hard to kill yourself with the stuff. This is just another example of governments being totally out of touch with reality - a real cynic might think that the pharmaceutical companies like a situation in which the medical profession can get people addicted to expensive prescription drugs.


Well yes. I’m reminded of Bill Drummond’s encounter with Tennants (makers of Tennants Super) while trying to get them to sponsor an art project (there’s the Becks futures award was their justification for pitching it) “our target audience doesn’t follow contemporary art” who is that “street drinkers” you mean homeless alcoholics?


They say if you die without a will, the state has one for you - but it may not be the one you want. In most states, everything to his wife, then his offspring. If he has none, then his siblings are next. It’s very simple until the illegitimate heirs and common-law wives show up.


Of course, there are those like your father in law. There are many types of control freaks, and I do not even assume that my assertion applies to the majority. I merely wanted to throw into the room that not having a will can be compatible with being a control freak such as Prince was said to be.


Prince has had hip problems for many years, likely caused by decades of energetic performances – always in heels. But as a Jehova’s Witness, hip replacements weren’t possible, because he’d need to take blood, which isn’t permitted. Sounds like he dealt with it with painkillers.


From what I’ve read, Prince’s sister – his only surviving full relative – and his half-siblings have made the local bank the controllers of his property in lieu of a will. I don’t know if his siblings get along, but this sort of situation didn’t work out so well for the estates of Jimi Hendrix or Bob Marley.


I’ve just finished a protracted period of dental pain (with a root canal job in the middle, as an incidental piece of the pain). I absolutely had opioids both at home and on my person at all times, The reason this kind of addiction is so widespread is (a) lots of people have lots of pain, and (b) opoids work really well.


In spite of TMZ’s expert medical opinion, we don’t know that Prince was addicted to pain killers. It is possible to use opiates for years to treat chronic pain without becoming addicted. Prince did not show the usual years long process of ever increasing self destructive behavior typical of addiction. By all indications, he had no issues until a week before his death. It’s also really hard to overdose on hydrocodone alone. Not that it can’t be done, but a more likely explanation (and now I’m engaging in speculation as well) is some other medication like a sedative being recently prescribed on top of the hydrocodone.


Squabblers gonna squabble.


I love how TMZ boasts “we broke the story” as if that’s proof of their journalistic integrity. When 90% of their “news” is how George Clooney’s fly was unzipped at the Oscars, or photos of Jamie Lee Curtis with a piece of food on her lower lip as she leaves a restaurant, it’s hard to treat them as a serious news source. See also: National Enquirer breaks the story on John Edward’s extramarital affair. TMZ might be more accurate than the National Enquirer, but they are just as vapid.


Well that sucks. Usually by the time the rockers get to that age, if they didn’t already die, they mellow out some and try to repair some of the damage to their bodies from all the coke and STDs.


That [percocet] unfortunately will guarantee dancing on his grave for some time in the media. I choose to remember the soundtrack of my 80’s experience, and Prince being one of its’ stellar moments.


Thing is, if it was from painkillers, or painkillers interacting with something else that was prescribed, it may well have been as a result of attempting self care.


i read that under minnesota law, he could have filed a will with a probate court in secret. his lawyer won’t say one way or the other if he has one. but it will come out when the death certificate is filed, and they haven’t issued one yet because the medical examiner isn’t done with the toxicology tests yet.


I realize this is a small detour in the story, but anyone else do a double-take while reading that the hospital wouldn’t allow Prince to have a private room? That doesn’t make any sense.

The idea that he probably wasn’t addicted to Percocet, on the other hand, does make sense: other than a week prior, he’d never had problems like we see with so many other drug-addicted performers. Something new was added to the mix recently – whether by a doctor, or self-administered – that threw off his system.