Adidas to help high schools change to non-racist mascots


I agree with the gist of what you’re saying, but I’m not sure it’s cynical. People work for these companies, and if their employers and thus they position themselves to profit from ethical practices, then I think that’s exactly how a living should be made. Bringing home the bacon isn’t wrong, as long as how businesses do it isn’t wrong. The problem is that most big businesses do it by exploiting people, not helping them. It doesn’t have to be that way, and it certainly shouldn’t be, but we Westerners have cultivated (whether by actively embracing it or giving in to and therefore passively supporting it) a perverse ethic that elevates exploitation and disdains cooperation and helping people as somehow being weakness and vice.


The german company that once produced Panzerschrecks for the Nazis is now teaching US Americans how to “de-racify” their sports teams. The historical irony is hilarious … reversed roles seventy years later …


I agree. I was thinking of a company like WalMart. Sometimes they do green things, but they don’t stop being WalMart. Even if they are purely motivated by a desire to look good, they have still done some good.


Well, I’m not sure how racist the Nazis were, they pretty much hated everyone.


I would say, in my opinion, the attempted genocide of Jewish people and other non-Aryans was racism distilled to its most potent form.


Hmm, in my opinion, there’s no need to get into playing Oppression Olympics. After all, far more enslaved Africans and indigenous people died as a result of what also amounted to racist genocidal practices.


I would agree that all instances of genocide are indeed bad.


Yes, obviously. But they can’t all be “racism distilled to its most potent form,” can they. And since that can only be exemplified by one of them, I can’t see a reason to bring up that kind of competition here.


I was responding to SteampunkBanana, to say that I felt that the Nazi war crimes were racially motivated.

I am not saying that one genocide is worse than another, just that the Nazis were probably racist?

Edit: To be clear, I think genocide is the most potent form of racism, not just the one set in motion by the Nazis. I didn’t mean to set that example above other historical atrocities.


Just to clarify, let’s not drag the poor Florida State Seminoles into this mess. They got official permission!

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