Can you see the racism now?


And Washington Redskins, of course.

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Don’t worry, that one’s covered:


Chicago Blackhawks should take some flak too. There are some not-completely-crazy arguments defending them keeping the name, but the jersey definitely needs to go.

I don’t know about the other hats, but the Orange hat is always the racist of the bunch. Red and Yellow getting together, looking for trouble.

Colors, amirite?


Man, I’m Jewish, and all I can say, is I wan a NY Jews hat. And Philly had a team like that back in the 1920’s there were the Hebrew All Stars. They were a barnstorming team. They once played the KKK in a historically amusing game. You can even get reproductions of their jerseys.

Mind you I am from Tallahassee and we have a team called the Seminoles here. The tribe does give their support if that helps.


Why do US sports franchises need these artificial nicknames/brands at all?

Why can’t they just be called the Cleveland Baseball Club or something?


There’s nothing like the crosstown rivalry of the New York Baseball Team A fans and the New York Baseball Team B fans.


Several years ago a Native American group tried to nickname a basketball team the Fightin’ Whities. Trouble was, everybody wanted a t-shirt.


I would wear all three of those hats. At the same time.


I wonder how much is due to the ridiculous caricature? I would put the Blackhawks (selfishly: I’m from Chicago) in the same category as my alma mater’s football team, the PENN Quakers**. The caricaturized Cleveland Indian and the Washington Redskin name are a bit more dicey.

** Completely understanding that we are not living in a post-racial society, and that the historic minimization of Native American cultures more than overshadows that of a largely white religious group in the NE.


I realize this is just looking for trouble, but… “What, no Fighting Irish?” (Or Vikings, or even Packers)

The Nebraska Cornhuskers have a big pasty-white blond farmer with a goofy grin for their mascot. Is it making fun of farmers? I don’t know, I’m not a farmer.

Look, if someone with Native ancestry finds that logo offensive, I’m not gonna argue with them or tell them to lighten up. The mascot’s face is a caricature and I would understand changing it. But if we do away with the name, it doesn’t make sense to leave all the other culture/society-based team names intact.


Hear hear! I totally want one of those Jew hats (not a yarmulke).


Do you know a lot of Irish Americans or let’s see, Cornhusker Americans, who object to those names? No? Didn’t think so. The thing is, they’ve done something that a lot of Native Americans either can’t do or have chosen not to do – they’ve become white.

Being Native American or Indian – and suffering through the ongoing effects of racism – means a hell of a lot more to them than being Irish or whatever means to anyone in America who’s white.


I always get all confused by where race and country of ancestry meet.

“Chinamen” is not a race, and yet it sure smells racist.

How about Krauts? Racist, or more about country of origin?

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I missed the part where Vikings, Packer and even Irish in Americans were prime victims of organized genocide. But hey, to each their own.


Does anyone actually think this is as racist as the mascot for the Cleveland Indians? Honestly curious.

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At what point did we start considering Nebraskans to be white?


Kraut is certainly racist.