Adjustable Pac Man and ghost ring


One can get an entire ensemble: (didn’t know pacman had invaders…)

As an old arcade junkie, I hate it when people call them “ghosts.” The stain left by that lame Atari 2600 version of the game will never be removed.

wait, what?

The original arcade Pac-Man made no mention of ghosts. My friends and I called them “monsters,” for lack of any other description.

Hardware limitations of the Atari 2600 prevented it from displaying all 4 monsters at once, so Atari displayed each monster briefly, one at a time. This caused them to flicker badly, which Atari glossed over by calling them “ghosts.”

True Pac-Man fans hated that version of the game.

Hunh. When you ate the power pill and they all turned blue, everybody I knew called them ghosts. I didn’t have a 2600.

They’re called monsters and ghosts in a 1980 promo flyer (found via wikipedia).

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Nobody I knew called them ghosts, until the Atari port appeared. Then I started hearing it everywhere, which irritated my aspergerish, slightly pedantic teenage mind. None of us had ever seen the flyer.

Maybe it’s a regional or local thing.


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