Adorable cluster of fungus gnat larvae crossing the sidewalk


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Awwe! Don’t you just want to gobble them up?


Destin from Smarter Every Day has a good explanation of this kind of locomotion:


A tad reminiscent of Princess Mononoke, amirite?


Substantially cuter than the end of Akira!


Huh - I think I found a pile of these things once. Or possibly a pile of maggots? Just one day out of the blue mom called me up and had me get rid of this pile of wiggling larvae. It was nasty. Probably about 3-4in x 1-1 1/2in. I scooped them up with something and chucked them over the fence into the field.

Adorable Nightmare Fuel! I should not have clicked the video. It’s only 20 seconds, but I lasted for less than half of that before I started itching, blech.

It’s totally interesting, group motion like that, but I guess I’m delicate as far as the visual is concerned.

Speed x 4 + Yackety Sax = okay, maybe not.

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Aren’t they a little young to be having an orgy?

In the same vein: some adorable dog photos (WARNING: may not actually be adorable).

This video seriously brought out my inner crow. For a few seconds, I was like “Aw, cute fuzzies, all wiggly together! That’s the spirit!!” And then I was like “Aw crap. There goes lunch.” And than I was all “Dammit. I thought I had my identity issues worked out. A cat can’t be a bird, can they? Maybe I’m actually one of the gnat larvae?”

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“We should go this way!”

“No, we should go this way!”

I feel for the ones at the split who are having to make the decision about which group to go with. Can’t be easy for little larvae, I figure…



Yup. Very familiar.

Cute? Not really.

Any connection to the website?

The suspense about the split is killing me. Does the group ever split entirely into two before they reach the other side? Does it result in a fungus gnat larvae civil war over the Great Sidewalk Schism?



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