Fist-sized Hercules Beetle pupa


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Horror bugs from planet nightmare!



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Nope, nope.




This is a pupa… which means it gets bigger?


Please tell me this person has itty bitty Trumpian hands.


After all this talk about eating insects, now we can have steaks or fillets?


Awww! Can we keep 'em?


Forest Crayfish?


Shellfish and mollusks are the kinda of food that aliens always seem to feed visiting humans in sci-fi.


Now that’s a pupa to write home about.


Huge bugs rock!!!

(As does my obvious erudition.)


I thought pupae (?) were supposed to be immobile, and that I’d gotten it confused with the larval stage when I first saw this. I guess not.


Beetle pupae can usually do that little butt wiggle. (unlike a chrysalis) The moth pupae I’ve seen all seem to be able to do it as well.

Also, these things are SO COOL! (I want!)


It’s fist-sized herculus beetles all the way down, so I wouldn’t exactly call it a menagerie (I had such high hopes!). Wonderful creatures though!


Please don’t kill. Feel free to leave the house screaming.

When I was about eight, I saw a huge stag beetle, beaten to death by an ignorant grandmother with her shoe, cheered on by a bunch of children. Some of my respect for humanity got lost that day.

  1. A chrysalis can, too, wiggle. For a large part of its existence, anyway.
  2. I think “wanting” brought a lot of “exotic” wildlife to the brink of extinction, so I don’t, personally. But I’m happy to be able to admire those species which still are allowed to share this planet with us. Glorious.


Excuse me. I need to go wash my hands now. A lot. I may be gone the rest of the day.


So, um, how many worms do these emit when baptized?

That mantis had to be at least 108% hideous writhing by volume; and these things have a lot more volume involved.