Adorable mascot drummer opts for death metal interpretation of childrens' song


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Need more appropriate vocals…


It’s a song called “Anpanman’s March”, the opening theme song from a very popular kids’ show in Japan:


Damn, beat me to it. Oh well.

:musical_score: And Mattel will kill us all
Sell ourselves in every mall :musical_note:


Thank you

Here is a video of the song. I don’t know if this is a correct translation of the words, but if it is they are interesting.


So, children are supposed to be attracted to this red blob?


No, only to his mad drumming skills.


So, was that his first day on the job, or his last?


Not to be confused with One Punch Man, which started as an Anpanman parody…thing.





B! I! N! G! O!


[Powdered-Toast Man appears courtesy of Spumco Inc.]


Here he is covering X Japan


I don’t know why, but my daughter loves Anpanman since she was a 4 year old. Found it on youtube…


Bizarre costumes work for Partick Thistle, so why not?


I think that’s supposed to be the sun. I’ll give them a pass on this as it’s not often seen in Scotland. :slight_smile:


I just assumed that the designer visited some Glasgow drug dealers and tried a little bit of everything.





The great thing about Anpanman is that his head is essentially a jelly doughnut.