My head just exploded




Isn’t this the band, Babymetal?

Anyway, I wonder how they manage it. Maybe earplugs?

Edit: Not being crotchety, just an observation. Gimme some Big Black or Voivod and I’m cool.


Is that… Jesus in the background??


Big in Japan. Who knew Pantera and Shonin Knife got married and had children? Japanese schoolgirls from hell! I could go on.


Welp, now I know what my six-year-old’s gonna want to do for this year’s talent show.


Huh. I forgot all about the re-release of the Battle Royale Soundtrack.


Tres cool, and sorta reminds of the wild metal pop shenigans of ex-girls, I’ve got their mono kero cd and its similarly fun as this baby metal.


It’s fantastic! Plus I totally miss Shonen Knife.


For those needing a translation, here you go. It’s even more Shonen-Knife-like than I thought.


Thank you sooo much for that. It has completed my experience, and cemented my love.


This reminds me of another video that made the rounds recently—J-pop but with a really dark, gore-makeup kind of thing going on. Anyone remember what that was?


Nope, but say “Hi” to his mom!


Wow. They’d chew up and spit out Miley.


Damn you, Cory. This youtube rabbit hole you have dropped me down is going to take some getting out of.


Yep indeed. I had to check out the lyrics for myself, too!


Wow! That totally worked for me. Sweet and Sour!


I wish I could like this a thousand times


I got to 1:40. Not bad. How about you?


You really wanna get your brain broken? Check out at around 1:18 - they switch over to j-hiphop for a few seconds, then drop into full-on death metal.

By Dobbs, this is truly amazing stuff. My wife simply does not understand. My son - who’s an anime fan like me - kinda gets it.


That’s actually the Virgin Mary, towering over them while they sing a song about eating chocolate, while skeletons play a metal song between their Lolita j-pop bounceys.

It works for me.