Babymetal, live on Colbert!

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Metallica must be rolling in their grave!

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That pileup of descriptors sounds like damning with faint praise.


They have smart marketing. All their videos are free on Youtube, and so Americans are talking about them. For my money, Momoiro Clover is twice as fun - but it’s harder to find their videos here, sadly.


Me so hoorny!

All kidding aside that was fun.

Sent to my metal friend, who not only likes Baby Metal, but is a huge K-Pop fan…

Wow. That’s awesome!

You so racist.

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That’s odd. I thought “Gimme Chocolate” is from their self-titled debut, and not on the new album. Maybe there’s something I’m missing? Doesn’t matter. I’ll probably buy the new one, too.

Only because they didn’t think of it first in a desperate attempt to regain relevance…

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Ijime, Dame, Zettai was their debut. The video for that is great too.

Gimme Chocolate was first introduced in 2014 live, and their first studio album was released later that year. Their second studio album was just released apparently.


I like the music and everything but I’ve got to wax pedantic for a moment : I’m not sure “all woman band” is anything like an accurate descriptor. Three frontswomen, certainly, and singing / dancing but I think the folks playing instruments aren’t all women. And again, while I like them I would be very hesitant to advance the idea that they wrote the music they’re performing.

Again, not trying to tear down Babymetal, just don’t want what they’re doing to infringe on the cool of actual all woman bands.


Nope. Guitarist Takayoshi Ohmura, for one, is a guy, which took a whole 15 seconds of Googling to confirm. And if you’re just referring to the three vocalists, Suzuka Nakamoto, Yui Mizuno, and Moa Kikuchi, who don’t play instruments, then you clearly don’t understand what a band is.


Is Fatboy Slim the band of the 90s or not?


What better way to start ones day?


Awesome. I will say it again the fact that kawaii metal even exists is wonderful thing.
And they are gonna be in Seattle in a few months. I may have to go get myself a ticket.


Very few bands in Japan do that to the best of my digging into pop music information for there. Most of it is manufactured by the producers but that doesn’t make it any less fun to listen to.

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I’m probably alone here, but I can’t hear the Gimme Chocolate chorus vocals without being reminded of Guster’s 1998 song, Great Escape. Something about the chord progression, tempo and possibly even the pitch. Compare [1:06 of BM] ( to [0:42 of Guster] (

Babymetal and Metallica have a bit of history…they’ve met at a couple of festivals and BM consider Metallica to be a huge influence as far as the stage presence and audience interaction that they try to deliver. Here’s a pic from Metallica’s performance at last year’s Reading festival, check out who’s watching from the back:

And they generally seem to get along:


It’s true they not only lip-synch, but actually go onstage sometimes with bands that only pantomime. The actual musicians are studio guys.

But as for “writing songs,” why is that important? Sure, singer-songwriters were a big deal in the 70s, but there have been loads and loads of singers who don’t. It’s just a subset, not the Hallmark of True Art.