Death Metal meets J-Pop

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So, like Babymetal, minus originality? Bearded dude in a dress kind makes it kind of funny?

Meh, the Fox God demands me to continue listening to babymetal instead.


Are they being serious, or are they mocking their culture? Is this Japanese sarcasm?

Thank you for finally scrubbing the LAVA song from my auditory cortex

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I think the band is called Ladybaby. I like it!


Babymetal is ten times the pop, and twenty times the metal. \m/


I like the turn-on-its-side version of the “Beauty & The Beast” style of metal. The dude in the dress makes it stranger, though it doesn’t detract IMHO. Personally, I prefer them to Babymetal.

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Someone already mentioned Baby Metal, but I do really like this video so I’ll repost.

I liked the spin of having a Death Metal - uh, singer (is that what you call them?) But I’d have gone one more step and included Scandinavian Death Metal face paint and a few spikes to the maids outfit.

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I came here to shill Babymetal, and got 4 people already doing it. I love Boingboing.


Exactly what I came here to say.


I fink you fweaky and I like you a lot

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