Adventure Time characters carved from crayons are a bargain at $35/each


TIL: crayons come in different sizes. I swear we just had one growing up.

Pfft! Making things like this is simple. Just carve away anything that doesn’t look like the character!

Srsly . . . sweet! I’d seal them inside of a case, so they wouldn’t be mistaken for crayons.

OR . . . use them to make lost wax castings in bronze. How cool would that be?

I’m going to assume the word “bargain” is being used sarcastically in reference to $35 carved crayons. Otherwise…Wha?


Totally ripped off from artist Diem Chau, who has been doing these for many years.

I don’t think Boing Boing does sarcasm.

Ice King?

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